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5 ways to learn to stop comparing yourself to others.

5 ways to learn to stop comparing yourself to others.

1. Catch Yourself

As a challenge, for one day really pay attention to how many times your mind starts comparing yourself to those around you. Once you recognize this is happening you will better be able to stop it. I was amazed at how often I found myself comparing.

2. Find Perspective

Once you start catching yourself comparing, stop and think about where you are in your life. Also think about where the other person is in their life. Too often we compare the beginning of our journey to the middle or the end of someone else's. This isn't really fair, and it causes us to lose joy in our everyday moments.

3. Express Gratitude

After you realize your journey is not the same as someone else's take a deep breath and focus on where you are right now! Start listing out reasons why your life is absolutely amazing at this very moment. 

4. Find Encouragement

Look at the person you are comparing yourself to and allow yourself to enjoy and see their success. Be inspired by their work, their success, their struggles. Allow these people to be your mentors, learn from them, ask them for advice.

5. Daydream about your Future

Allow yourself to explore your future life without any confinements. What does it feel like? Spend time envisioning your future.


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