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Relax, unwind, rejuvenate

Relax, unwind, rejuvenate

It is no secret my favorite way to relax is by taking a long warm bath. I used to love taking bubble baths, the more bubbles the better! However, since I have been on a journey to use cleaner products I had to start leaving the bubbles out of the equation.

After doing some research I discovered Epsom Salts. Some of the benefits of Epsom Salt bathes may include:

  • Better Magnesium Absorption. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, the first being calcium

  • Promotes Sleep and Stress Reduction

  • Helps With Digestion

  • Exercise Performance and Recovery

  • Reduced Pain and Swelling

Imagine my excitement when LimeLife started making Pom Bombs! Pom Bombs are an amazing bath bomb that contain 15 drops of Pomifera Oil™, epsom salts, and lavender and sweet almond oil.

The incredible ingredient that makes up our One Drop Wonder booster moisturizer is Pomifera Oil™. This wonderful oil is rich in super antioxidants and Omega-6, which repair damaged and aging skin and alleviate many common skin issues.  Epsom salt is another fabulous ingredient in the Pom Bomb and it helps to relax aching muscles, the combination of sweet almond and lavender essential oils help hydrate your skin and relax your soul.

I am super excited because for the month of October we have a special pink Pom Bomb in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Our favorite Pomifera Oil™-infused bath bomb is available in pink for a limited time in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Bathe in a pink bath filled with Pomifera Oil™, sweet almond and rose essential oils to soothe and hydrate skin while the aroma calms and relaxes your body and mind. With every purchase of a Pink Pombomb a $1 USD / $1.25 CAD donation will be made to The Keep A Breast Foundation.

Taking a bath with rose essential oil is so calming and relaxing. I tried the rose Pombomb and it was seriously the best bath I have ever taken in my life!!! I will be stocking up for sure.

Dynamic Danessa Eyeshadow Palettes designed exclusively for LimeLife by  Alcone.

Dynamic Danessa Eyeshadow Palettes designed exclusively for LimeLife by Alcone.

Limited Edition Product Launch...

Limited Edition Product Launch...